Deceit :The act of intentionally misleading or tricking someone by providing false information, making false statements, or engaging in dishonest behavior with the intention to cause them to believe something that is not true. (Section 493 of Indian Penal Code)  ...


Decryption: process of converting encrypted data into its original, readable form. This is often done using cryptographic techniques and may be regulated or authorized for lawful purposes such as law enforcement investigations or cybersecurity measures.(Section 69 of...


Delegate: Delegation is the act of assigning tasks, responsibilities, or authority to another person or group to accomplish a specific goal or function.


Digital Signature:A digital signature is a cryptographic technique that verifies the authenticity and integrity of digital messages or documents, ensuring they haven't been altered and were created by the expected sender.(Under Information Technology Act,2000)  


Dower : Mahr or dower is a payment or gift given by the groom to the bride in Islamic marriages.under Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights On Divorce Act,1986)