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Originally, Res Gestae  was used by Romans, which means acts are done or actus.Res Gestae is a latin phrase which means things said and done in course of same transaction.Res Gestae includes everything like circumstances, facts or transactions which are in continuity and connected fairly with the main event.The essence of the doctrine is that it makes the transaction relevant by itself, by connecting the fact-in-issue with the fact not in issue as to form the part of same transaction


The Doctrine of Res Gestae enables the court to take into account all the essential details of the transactions.These statements and facts are admissible under section 6 of Indian Evidence Act.

The rationale in making certain statements or facts relevant under section 6 is on account of spontaneity and immediacy of such statements or facts in relation to the fact-in-issue.


Doctrine of Res gestae is an exception to principle of hearsay evidence,which means that the actual happening of the incident has not been seen but it has been heard from others.As a general rule evidence must be direct and hearsay evidence is not admissible in the court.But under certain cases,however if such evidence forms the part of same transaction so as to qualify as Res Gestae,then the evidence may be given.To bring hearsay evidence within the provision of Section 6 of the Act,it must be almost contemporaneous with the acts.There should not be an interval which will allow fabrication.


A statement made by someone during an emergency situation, such as immediately after a car accident, providing relevant and spontaneous information about the event. These statements are considered part of the “Res Gestae” because they are closely tied to the event itself and can be used as evidence in a legal proceeding.

In conclusion, Res Gestae plays a crucial role in legal proceedings by allowing the inclusion of statements that provide insight into the circumstances of an event, enhancing the overall understanding of a case.




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