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Launch and Mission:

  • ISRO launched Chandrayaan-3 on July 14, 2023, marking India’s third lunar mission.
  • Successfully achieved a soft landing near the lunar South Pole on August 23, 2023.
  • Mission objectives were threefold: demonstrate safe lunar landing, rover mobility, and on-site experiments.


  • Chandrayaan-3 successfully executed a soft landing in the vicinity of the lunar South Pole.
  • India became the fourth country to successfully achieve a soft lunar landing.

Launch Details:

  • Chandrayaan-3 was launched by LVM3 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

Module Composition:

  • The spacecraft consisted of three modules: Propulsion (PM), Lander (Vikram), and Rover (Pragyan).

Slingshot Maneuver:

  • Ingenious technique: spacecraft circled Earth multiple times, leveraging its gravity to gain speed.
  • This reduced the need for excessive fuel, optimising the mission’s efficiency.

Lunar Approach:

  • Entered lunar orbit and progressively neared the moon using a series of planned orbits.

Landing and Rover Deployment:

  • Lander successfully executed a soft landing near the lunar South Pole.
  • Rover named Pragyan was deployed to explore the moon’s surface for 14 Earth days.


  • Propulsion Module: Carried SHAPE payload for Earth measurements from lunar orbit.
  • Lander Module: Equipped with ChaSTE (thermal conductivity), ILSA (seismic activity), and LP (plasma density) payloads.
  • Rover: Held APXS (elemental composition) and LIBS (spectroscopy) payloads for surface analysis.

Significance and Future Impact:

  • Chandrayaan-3 showcases ISRO’s dedication to advancing lunar exploration.
  • The gathered data is expected to contribute to NASA’s Artemis program under the Artemis Accord as India is also signatory to Artemis Accord.

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